Basic Tools

I admit it, I am a tool junkie, I can’t resist the latest and greatest tool that might make my work easier or just more fun. But quite frankly to begin making canes like I do you only need a few things.

The most expensive being a pasta or conditioning machine. I use Atlas machines in my studio for my students and for myself and it’s what I recommend to start with. I also have a Dream Machine from Polymer Clay Express that is truly designed as a work horse for polymer.

I also recommend a motor. I only wish I’d invested in a motor when I first started. But, you can still make your Skinner blends without one, just ask a friend to turn the handle for you. Always more fun with a friend and a clay day.

What you'll need

  • Pasta Machine - see above
  • Polymer clay - I use premo! Sculpey
  • Blades - I suggest Super Slicer from Sculpey
  • Work surface - I use We R Memory Keepers - Precision Glass Cutting Mat. Available at most craft stores.
  • Double ended knitting needles - I use Boye Double Point Knitting Needles size 6
  • Acrylic Roller
  • Alcohol and mini spray bottle
  • Paper - deli paper or printer paper
  • Plastic wrap - preferably the kind you might find around your donuts minus the donut. But you can use regular plastic wrap.
  • Paper towels

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